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Charlie Lester. Th Arts VA.


Welcome to The Arts VA.

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About us

We work behind the scenes to allow our clients to remain in the spotlight of their business.

Our founder Charlie Lester and small team of VAs have over 10 years experience working in arts administration.

We are the go-to VAs for the arts because we're passionate about creating time for the people and things you love. We take care of the time-consuming admin tasks to enable our clients to focus on what they really want to be doing. 

Rob Casey. Technical Lighting Consultant. Ammonite

Rob Casey

Working with The Arts VA has allowed me to work towards a more structured day rather than doing admin after the working day is over.

Lloyd Thomas. Production Manager. Lloyd Thomas Production Management

Lloyd Thomas

Having efficient and prompt support has allowed me to concentrate more on show delivery and less on admin.

Lee Tassie. Costume Designer.


I reached out to The Arts VA as I felt unable to negotiate a decent fee. As a result of outsourcing work to Charlie, I didn’t have to face doing the negotiations myself anymore and she got me a better deal.

Get in touch!

If you have questions and would like to chat about how we can help, Charlie would love to hear from you - no pressure or obligation.

Thank you! We will get back to you soon.


Mobile: +44 (0)7824 547321

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