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Jon Lyle. Technical Video Consultant. Ammonite.


Working with The Arts VA has easily taken 10 hours of work off my plate each week. The anxiety of 20 emails coming in overnight is overwhelming and removed just by outsourcing show reports.


I can now go to choir practice! And I can stop and think, rather than just working as quickly as possible. The best thing about working with Charlie is knowing there's someone on the end of the phone when everything stacks up.

Lloyd Thomas. Production Manager. Lloyd Thomas Production Management

Charlie has been a great help to me over the last year or so, working with me on both production based tasks, and company admin. Having her efficient and prompt support has allowed me to concentrate more on show delivery and less on admin. I would certainly recommend Charlie to other Production Managers.

Chris Boone. Technical Consultant. Delfont Mackintosh Theatres

I spoke with The Arts VA to help bring all my personal files and documents together, so I could access them online, as I spend so much time travelling. I can’t tell you how this has changed my life and stopped me missing payments etc.

Being dyslexic, and paper work not being a strong point for me, having the back up when I require it is an amazing asset to my everyday life. As soon as I receive a letter or any correspondence I send it to The Arts VA and the documents are scanned and filed in Drop Box, so I can access them when on the move. It’s a great feeling knowing everything is organised.


One of the best things about The Arts VA is that you’re not tied in to hours per day or week, so you only pay when you require work. Having worked with Charlie for many years on a number of projects I can’t recommend her enough

David Harris. Theatre Designer

Working with Charlie has allowed me to spend more time focusing on the actual work I want to be doing. Charlie is great with negotiating and keeping on top of details - so I can leave the spreadsheets to her while I get on with the design! I’d highly recommend Charlie to assist any artist or creative person looking to outsource administration to a highly competent, resourceful and detailed colleague. 

Lee Tassie. Costume Designer.

Charlie is an absolute joy to work with and I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done to help me. I reached out to The Arts VA as I felt unable to negotiate a decent fee and Charlie offered to do my paperwork. As a result of outsourcing work to Charlie, I didn’t have to face doing the negotiations myself anymore and she got me a better deal.


I feel like Charlie and I really get on and nothing is a chore for her. Charlie is professional, dedicated and lovely to work with. I would absolutely recommend her services and have done already to a number of people.

Rob Casey. Technical Lighting Consultant. Ammonite


Working with The Arts VA has allowed me to work towards a more structured day rather than doing admin after the working day is over. Charlie is part of the family. One of the most important cogs in our wheel. Her role means we can concentrate on being far more proactive and responsive to the necessary shows without having to worry about our ‘behind the scenes’ operations.

Laura Hunt. Costume Designer

Working with Charlie has really helped free up my time so that I can concentrate on the creative part of my job. I would highly recommend Charlie as a VA. Charlie’s manner and professionalism are both supportive and reassuring. Every task set is done swiftly and with ease. Work ranged from logistics and accounting paperwork, to contract negotiations, all done with a smile .

Stefan Musch. Hair and Wig Designer

It is such a relief and very reassuring to have someone representing you for the situations when you want to be seen and taken seriously as a professional. Charlie is the best thing, I never knew I needed, for my work as a creative freelancer.



Since having a VA, I have been able to plan and strategize much more than I would have before. I know the things I am good at - sometimes we feel we have to do everything ourselves, but if you want to grow your business, you have to get help. 


Dawn-Louise has been brilliant. Dawn-Louise has been someone I can go to when I’m feeling overwhelmed and bounce ideas off. It can feel very lonely being an entrepreneur or a business owner, but a VA can provide support - and we all need that, especially when growing a business.



It helps to have someone to discuss contracts and fees with. Charlie won’t tell me necessarily what I should be getting, but she’ll let me know if something sounds about right or if it’s wrong or we’ll discuss what I want to get. It helps to have someone to talk to and she knows what is acceptable and, when it comes to things like a retainer, what should be included and what shouldn’t be. I didn’t really know about that.


I'm feeling clearer and calmer about what my schedule looks like. My bookkeeping is up to date for the first time ever. My email inbox is the neatest it's ever looked. By delegating all the small things to someone I trust I've suddenly got loads more brain space to focus on my actual job. 


Charlie and the team are very brilliant, kind humans that really help artists to do their art.



The change in me has been enormous, both practically and psychologically. I would often miss important emails in the past and would continually find myself on the back foot with people, and one of the problems ADHD brings with it is procrastination; this was being doubly compounded. And when you walk around with several thousand emails on your mind, you reach a point where you never even want to open your Gmail in the morning… or ever!


I like having someone there to talk to when needed but also knowing Charlie has my back and that when severe distraction sets in, which it does, someone is just making sure I don’t get overwhelmed when I am ‘back in the room’.


I can’t imagine work-life without them now. It has made everything a lot easier and more efficient. 


It has improved my workflow, enabling me to function more like a company; making me feel more organised and on top of things, especially during busy production periods when other things need my attention. Advice from someone that is separate from productions or organisations is also really helpful. 

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