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Tracey Christina Photography

Tracey Christina Photography

Tracey Christina Photography


Negotiating fees, daily rates and travel arrangements can be awkward and time-consuming.


Do you find discussing your deals with producers stressful; not knowing what to ask for or what you should agree to? Our team of VAs have the knowledge to advise and support you.


You can focus on building relationships and raising your profile, while we handle agreements and payment schedules. 

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Theatre Costume Designer
Theatre Lighting Design


Concentrate on show delivery while we keep track of your budgets and handle your financial admin.

We can set up and manage online accounting tools to ensure you stay on top of purchase orders, expenses and payment schedules. 

Distance yourself from the stress and time-consuming task of submitting invoices and chasing payments, and reduce the time you spend on admin after the 'working day' is over.

You can outsource travel and accommodation research and itineraries to us, reassured that your bookings will come in on budget, and your team will be where they need to be and on time.

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Our VAs have over 10 years' experience working in theatre administration. Many theatre companies find themselves with reduced staff, and feel stressed by the day-to-day office admin - we would love to help!

​Processing invoices each week, preparing shipment paperwork, sifting through CVs for new show staff, arranging interviews and preparing contracts, can all be taken care of by us.

As an established VA business, we can offer an understanding of how your invoicing, inbox management and deal negotiations can be dealt with remotely, efficiently, and safely.

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