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Emails… How a VA Can Manage Your Inbox

When you’re busy working or running a business, it can be tricky to keep on top of your emails. Whether it’s organising your inbox, responding to enquiries on your behalf or monitoring your emails, there are lots of ways a VA can help.

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Detox your inbox

If your inbox is overflowing with new and old emails, it can feel very overwhelming and when you’re busy at work it’s not easy to find the time to sort it out.

A VA can do this for you; unsubscribing from newsletters and marketing emails you’re no longer interested in, filing away emails and setting up a system to ensure no important correspondence gets missed.

Check out our blog on how to detox your inbox to find out the five rules our VAs follow.

Take on your voice

You can work with a VA to write templates for standard replies. This could be sent from you in your voice or the VA can respond on your behalf. It may take some time for a VA to be able to write in your voice - initially, they can draft emails for you to check – but, once they do, it should work seamlessly and you’ll have peace of mind that emails are being responded to on your behalf.

Your VA will get to know kind of work you’re interested in and highlight emails you need to read. For some of our clients, we send a regular inbox summary detailing the emails that need to be dealt with to help them keep on top of things.

Respond to enquiries

Alternatively, if you want to distance yourself from your correspondence you can set up an email for your VA to deal with enquiries for you, such as appointment requests, meeting arrangements and general enquiries.

It’s really easy to hand over tasks to your VA. Apps like Spark and Front allow you to comment on emails and assign tasks. If you don’t use these apps, you can colour-code folders and use labels to indicate what you want your VA to deal with.

Free up your time

Email management is one of our most popular services. When you are in a creative environment, e.g. in the middle of a tech, you may not be able to respond to emails and they can quickly build up over time.

Once you’ve opened a show, you want to be able to have some time off rather than going through your inbox to work out what you’ve missed - a VA can give you this time back.

Share safely

You may be worried about sharing personal information, such as login details and passwords, with your VA. We use apps like Lastpass and 1password to safely share login details to give us access to our clients’ accounts.

The Arts News

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