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Top 10 Tasks to Outsource Today

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Do you struggle to keep on top of your paperwork or find it hard to keep track of your budgets? Maybe you find negotiating deals difficult or could do with some help managing your meetings – a VA can help with all these things. Read on to find out the top ten tasks we can take off your hands today...

The Arts VA's Charlie working on her laptop and phone, with a cup of coffee

If your inbox is overflowing, our team of VAs can help tidy it up and give it some structure. This includes creating subfolders, labelling and filing emails, unsubscribing from unwanted emails and flagging important tasks for actioning.

2. Email Drafts

Most of our clients have busy inboxes so we know how hard it can be to find the time to reply to everyone. We can support you by drafting replies to regular enquiries and creating and using templates for standard replies.

3. Scheduling Meetings

Now the theatre industry is opening up again, you may find your diary filling up with production meetings and calls. If you’re struggling to manage your diary, let us know your availability and we can reply to emails and schedule meetings for you.

4. Travel Research and Bookings

Outsource travel and accommodation research and itineraries to us and we’ll make sure your bookings will come in on budget, and you and your team will be where they need to be.

5. Deal Advice and Negotiations

Negotiating fees, daily rates and travel arrangements can be tricky. Do you find discussing your deals with producers stressful; not knowing what to ask for or what you should agree to? Our team of VAs have the knowledge to advise and support you. (Check out this client case study.)

6. Sorting CVs and Arranging Interviews

If you’re looking for new show staff, we can support the recruitment process by sifting through CVs, arranging interviews and preparing contracts.

7. Shipment Paperwork

As our team of VAs have experience working on international productions, we have the knowledge to put together carnets and prepare paperwork for overseas shipments of scenery and costumes.

8. Tracking Budgets

We can support you by uploading and keeping track of your purchases and receipts to ensure you stay within your budgets.

9. Chasing Payments

Keeping on top of your invoices and payments can be time-consuming - distance yourself from the stress and let us submit your invoices and chase payments for you.

10. Setting up Accounting Software

Do you want your accounts to be digitalised but the thought of setting it up is holding you back? We can do this for you and then guide you through how to maintain it yourself.


The Arts News

  • Finally, the news we’ve been waiting for - plans to remove social distancing measures look set to go ahead from 19th July allowing theatres to open at full capacity.

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is back on 14th October. The initial casting for the show has been confirmed and will return to the Palace Theatre.

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