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8 Online Tools We Can’t Live Without

If you have important files that need backing up or you want to safely share documents with your team, here are The Arts VAs top tools and how to use them…

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Recently, Charlie’s laptop broke. If you rely on a computer for your business, you’ll know this can be a disaster - no computer, no work! Thankfully, Charlie had a plan in case this ever happened.

While her laptop went in for repair, the following online tools allowed Charlie to continue supporting her clients from a spare computer. It reminded us just how important these tools are, so we thought we’d share our favourites for backing up documents, storing and sharing information safely, and helping you work more effectively...

A blue door with a lock

How often do you go to log into a website and forget your password? It’s not easy remembering them all! With LastPass you can securely store login, password and payment details and you can share this information with others, such as your team or clients. This enabled Charlie to access all her accounts even when her laptop was broken.

This is the website we use for bookkeeping. Xero keeps track of incomings and outgoings and also sends invoices. Your accountant can have access too, so when it’s time to submit your tax return they simply log in to see your accounts.

A to do list on a notepad

If you’ve got an ever growing to-do list, Todoist is a great tool for managing your workload. At The Arts VA, it allows us to make a different one for each client which we can share with them and our team.

Make sure to set realistic goals though. It can be overwhelming to see a long list that you’ll never get through in a day - and there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a list!

With more and more of us working from home and on mobile devices, it’s vital to back-up files, especially documents containing important information - you never know when your computer may break!

Dropbox allows you to store documents and share them, which helped Charlie continue to support her clients even when her laptop was being repaired.

An hour glass with pink sand on a newspaper

We use this tool for tracking our time. MinuteDock allows us to share our time-sheets with our clients, which they can view live at any time.

This is another tool that we use for storing files and sharing with our team and clients. Through Google Workspace you can also create presentations, documents, hold video conferences, chat, email, keep notes and lists, and much more.

A phone and three boxes with Instagram icons

Whether you’re a social media influencer or just starting out, Later can help plan and publish your posts. This means we don’t have to be sitting at our computer when the post goes out and we can time it so it reaches as many people as possible.

8. Canva

At The Arts VA, we mainly use Canva for creating social media posts in our branding colours and fonts, but with thousands of templates, images and content to choose from it can be used for designing and creating much more, including presentations, videos, office documents, posters and flyers.


If you would benefit from using any of the above and want our advice or guidance, why not book a free no obligation discovery call with Charlie.

The Arts News

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  • Cinderella opens tomorrow - the musical will play socially distanced performances from 25th June until 18th July, hopefully moving to full capacity from 19th July.

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