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Client stories: Meet… Charlie Josephine, Actor and Writer

We felt it was time to introduce you to another of our hugely talented clients! Read on to find out how we support Charlie so they can do what they love.

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Working with a VA can be really beneficial for freelancers and business owners who struggle with admin tasks. A talented actor, writer, director and dramaturg, Charlie Josephine has a lot going on in their life.

Here, Charlie explains how working with a virtual assistant has helped them to manage their admin tasks and focus on doing what they love.

Charlie Josephine

Can you start by telling us a bit about you and the work that you do?

I'm an actor and a writer. And more recently a director and dramaturg. So that's already a few plates to be spinning! I've got ADHD and I'm dyslexic, and whilst I believe neurodiversity is a bit of a superpower, I do struggle with admin.

How did you come to work with The Arts VA?

I get support for my neurospicy brain from the brilliant team at Exceptional Individuals . They recommended a VA to support my admin workload and help me focus on the actual art bit of my job. I asked around and The Arts VA was top of everyone's list.

What kind of tasks were you struggling with?

I have time-blindness so sometimes I struggle to "see" my time and plan accordingly. This can look like saying yes to too many projects and then burning out. Or thinking a piece of work will take way longer or shorter than it actually does. Charlie at The Arts VA has been fantastic at helping me to "see" my diary and plan accordingly. She's even suggested time off for a holiday, which as a freelancer feels pretty revolutionary.

Do you have set hours each month or ad-hoc?

It's all ad-hoc which is perfect for me, as the workload is very sporadic. Charlie just keeps track of how much time she's working for me and we have an open discussion about it.

What difference has working with a VA made to your company?

So far it's been really positive. I'm feeling clearer and calmer about what my schedule for 2023 looks like. My bookkeeping is up to date for the first time ever. My email inbox is the neatest it's ever looked. By delegating all the small things to someone I trust I've suddenly got loads more brain space to focus on my actual job.

Would you recommend The Arts VA?

Yes! Absolutely! Charlie and the team are very brilliant, kind humans that really help artists to do their art.

The Arts News

  • The full cast and creative team for the 30th anniversary of Beautiful Thing has been announced. The cast includes Raphael Akuwudike, Joshua Asaré, Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge, Shvorne Marks and Scarlett Rayner.

  • Spirited Away is coming to London’s West End. Following a sell-out tour of Japan, the stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning film will begin performances in April 2024 at the Coliseum Theatre.

Get in touch!

Do you have any questions about how The Arts VA could support you or your business? Head to the contact page to arrange a chat with Charlie. If you want to read more about the type of clients we support, check out these blogs:

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