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Giving… How to Help Others in Business

The 17th February marks Random Acts of Kindness Day and this has got us thinking about how we can give to others in business, in particular small businesses.

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Have you read the book The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg and John David Mann? We have and we loved it - and after reading it, we’ve felt inspired to shift our focus to providing value to others through small acts of kindness.

The basic message behind the story is that for success in business you need to stop focusing on your own gain and instead put other people’s interests first. The book explains the benefits of adopting a go-giver approach, rather than a go-getter mindset, and understanding that your worth can be determined by how much you give rather than what you take.

We were recommended this book by Amanda at VACT and it was an idea that really resonated with us. As it's Random Acts of Kindness Day today, we thought it was a great opportunity to share something we’ve been inspired to do.

Here are four ideas about how you could incorporate this idea into your life/business.

Leave a review

How often have you bought something based on other people’s reviews? If you run a small business yourself, you’ll know how powerful positive feedback can be. So, whenever you buy something, eat somewhere or use a service from a small business, remember to leave a review.

You could do this on their website, on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. You could also send them an email with feedback so they can share it themselves.


If you see a small business posting on social media, engage with them in some way. Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, people’s posts can easily get lost in the news feed so by sharing a business’s post or commenting on it, you’re helping their audience see their posts.

This works both way too - if you take advantage of initiatives like #followfriday where people are encouraged to follow others, you can increase their follow count and they might do the same back.

Say thank you

If someone recommends you to a new client or helps you get new business, make sure to thank them. This could simply be a short email or you could send a card.

You could even get them a thoughtful gift, something that you know they will like - it doesn’t have to be expensive. This small gesture returns their own act of kindness.

Collaboration not competition

There will be times when a potential new client may not be the right fit for you. If you know others in the industry who would appreciate the work, recommend them instead. This not only helps the client find someone who is the right fit for them, but passes on work to someone who may need it more than you.

The Arts News

  • Unusual Rigging has a number of positions available, including an opening for a Fabricator and a Mechanical Service Engineer. You can read more about the different roles, which suit a variety of levels, on their website.

  • Casting news! The full cast of Grease has been announced, with Dan Partridge and Olivia Moore starring as Danny and Sandy. Peter Andre will also make his West End debut. Previews on 3rd May.

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