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How to Wind Down Before Christmas

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take a break from your business and after all the restrictions last year, we all deserve to spend some time with our friends and family. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of it, read our tips for getting you and your business ready so you can turn that OOO on and enjoy your Christmas break.

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Let your clients know how much time you will be taking off and send reminders nearer the time. If you really want to get away from it all but your business can’t stop, appoint someone to act on your behalf.

Set a detailed out of office so people know exactly who to contact in your absence. You can also set up automated tas, eg. use Later to pre-schedule social media posts.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to finish every task before Christmas. Write an achievable to-do list for between now and your last day in the office, with everything else scheduled for next year.


Understand that your first day back at your desk in January will be busy and you will play catch up. Remember everyone will be in the same boat as you – and, with many businesses closing down during this time, it may not be as bad as you think.

Write a to-do list for your return – again make it achievable. Maybe spend the first day catching up on emails so you can start by actioning any important tasks that you may have missed while you’ve been off.

Set Boundaries

Will you need to check in with work during your time off? If so, set boundaries for yourself. Schedule in when you want to check your emails so you don’t let them take over. Maybe disable access to work emails on your phone to avoid being distracted. Remember, all businesses take some time off - or even close down - during the festive season so they’ll expect you to have at least some of it off.

As tempting as it is, try not to use this time to catch up on work. It’s great to get ahead with work when it's quiet, but taking a break is really good for your mental health and your business. You need to avoid burnout! A break also helps keep you motivated and can be a great time to come up with new ideas.

The Arts News

  • You have until Sunday (19th December) to apply for various backstage and technical roles for Crossroads Live UK international tours. There are positions available for sound staff, wig staff, wardrobe staff, swing technicians and electricians. Head to The Stage to apply.

  • A Christmas tree made from hundreds of golden paintbrushes is being revived to raise funds for the industry. The tree was created last year to raise awareness of the loss of theatre work and is returning to the Shard in London this Christmas, in collaboration with the Theatre Support Fund. Head to The Stage for the full story.

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