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7 Ways to Save Energy When Working From Home

The Arts VA team and many of our clients work from home. With everyone’s energy prices rising, here are some top tips for saving energy when running a business from your home.

1. Turn off the lights

Make sure to turn off your lights when you leave a room. If you’re working from home, open the curtains and blinds and let in natural light so you don’t need to use electricity to light your home during the day. Also, using energy saving bulbs can help reduce your bills too.

2. Eco settings

When working from home, you’ll be using more dishes so the dishwasher will be filling up more often than if you were in an office. Opting for the eco setting will help cut back on the energy you use.

Do the same for your washing machine and air dry your clothes instead of using a tumble dryer and this will help cut down costs.

3. Turn down the heat

During the winter, turning down your heating by just 1°C can save up to £80 a year! Think about the rooms you're using and if they all need to be heated - you could turn off the heating in rooms like guest bedrooms that aren’t being used often.

4. Shop around for the best tariff

Cheap tariffs may not be easy to find these days, but make sure to keep an eye on what you’re paying and check regularly to see if you could be paying less with another energy provider.

5. Turn off electrical items

Do you need to keep your electrical items on standby? Lots of devices can be switched off at the switch without affecting their programming so get into the habit of turning them off when not in use. You can save up to £30 a year just by turning your appliances off at the mains.

Remember to unplug laptops, tablets and phones when they are fully charged as this still uses energy.

6. Only use what you need

If you drink lots of tea and coffee, only fill the kettle with the water you need rather than making it boil a full kettle each time. Equally, don’t put a wash on until you have a full load of clothes as this also wastes energy.

7. Install a smart metre

If you want to monitor your energy use, a great way of doing this is installing a smart metre. This will let you know when you’re using more energy and give you more accurate bills - without having to do those pesky metre readings!

The Arts News

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