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6 Easy Ways To Recycle More

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

This week is Zero Waste Week and it has inspired us to look at how we can reduce our waste, reuse more materials and recycle more. Check out these quick and easy tips for being more environmentally friendly at home and in the office.

1. Use reusable cups and bottles

If you love to buy a cuppa from your favourite coffee shop, opting for a reusable cup will help reduce waste and encourage more sustainable living. Some businesses will even give you a discount on your coffee for bringing your own mug.

Also, use a refillable water bottle rather than buying plastic bottles to keep you hydrated. Get into the habit of filling it up in the morning and keep it on your desk or take it with you when you go for meetings.

2. Make recycling easy

Whether you work in an office or from home, make it really simple to recycle wherever you are. Set up recycling points in the office so that you and your team can quickly pop your rubbish into the right compartments.

At home, maybe even have more than one recycling bin around the house so that whatever room you are in, you can recycle easily.

3. Avoid single use items

Little changes can make a big difference over time. This can be as simple as skipping the plastic straw in your drink and using a metal straw instead. Or think ahead and make lunch to eat on the go so you’re not tempted to pick up a salad box that comes in single use plastic.

4. Buy second hand

From clothes to office materials, opting to buy second hand instead of buying brand new is a much more sustainable way of living. You can buy reconditioned laptops, desks, office chairs and so much more that will help to reduce waste at home and in the office - and hunting for a bargain on online market websites, such as Facebook, and in charity shops can be lots of fun too!

5. Reduce how much paper you use

You can easily get into the habit of printing off emails, paperwork and documents, but next time you go to hit print, think about whether you really need it. Will a digital copy do?

Also, consider if you need a paper receipt when going shopping. Some shops now offer e-receipts and they are much easier to find if you need to do a return. Choose paperless bills too, statements for mobile phones, energy bills, etc, can easily pile up but most companies now have the option to switch to digital copies.

6. Use reusable bags

Finally, don’t forget your reusable carrier bags when you head out to the shops. Leave one by the door or in the car so that you always have one to hand rather than having to pay for plastic bags each time.

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