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Why You Don’t Have to be Alone in Business

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

On 21 August, it's World Entrepreneurs’ Day and to celebrate we thought we’d share our five top tips to combat loneliness as a business owner…

woman working at home on bed

Work with other business owners

Starting a business can mean long hours at home working on your own, so if you know other business owners in a similar position it may be beneficial to arrange to meet up for a coffee, a walk or you could even work together.

You could bounce ideas off each other and having some company while you work will help prevent you feeling too isolated.

Find a community

Join an online group or attend networking events so you can meet like-minded people. This can help combat loneliness and networking is a great way to find new clients, get to know your community and support other businesses, as well as receiving support yourself.

Aim for a good work-life balance

It’s very easy when running a business for the lines between work and homelife to become blurred, but that will make you feel more isolated and lonely as you will have less time to see people and do other things.

Try to establish working hours, setting tasks for the day and scheduling in your free time to do other things, such as dinner with friends, time with your family or a hobby you enjoy. Check out our blog on setting boundaries to help you achieve a good work-life balance.

Have a change of scenery

This could be going for a walk, working in a shared office a day or two a week or even just going to your local cafe to work for a few hours. It can feel very isolating being at home alone for hours on end and a change of scenery can provide inspiration if you’re struggling with ideas. You can read more about how to set healthy habits in this blog.

Hire a VA!

Of course we had to put this one on here! A VA can be so useful though as they can share some of the worldload with you and have regular meetings to discuss ideas. As a VA can work flexibly, this can be so helpful in the early days of a business as they can be part of the team without having to be employed permanently.

Read more of our blogs about how a VA can help you kickstart a new venture and what value they can bring to a business.

The Arts News

  • The new cast for 2:22 A Ghost Story has been announced, including Laura Whitmore (making her West End debut), Matt Willis, Tamsin Carroll and Felix Scott. The current cast will end on 4 September, with the new cast set for 6 September to 8 January at the Criterion Theatre.

  • With The Edinburgh Fringe back and still running until 29 August, Whats On Stage have put together a handy guide with the best rated shows to see at the arts festival this year. Check it out if you’re planning to head there!

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