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How to Find the Perfect VA

Once you’ve figured out that your business needs a VA, here are some factors to consider to help you decide which one is best for you.

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Following on from last week’s post, you may have decided you need a VA to provide admin support for your business - but with so many out there, how do you find one that is right for you?

In the second of our series of blogs looking at the process of working with a VA, we’ve compiled a checklist to help you find a virtual assistant that will both support and help your business grow.

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1. Skills

Make a list of the tasks you dread doing, are time-consuming and don’t fall within your skillset (read our blog: Top 10 Tasks to Outsource Today).

Look for a VA that specialises in the tasks you want to outsource, this could be events and project management, contracts and HR, social media, bookkeeping or marketing, among others. So, if you need someone to help with social media, there’s no point contacting a bookkeeper.

Some VAs can provide a variety of these skills or work as a team, like us, which is great because you’ll benefit from multi-skilled VAs.

2. Niche

Most VAs have a niche – this could be an industry they specialise in or a task they focus on. If your business is in property, a VA with a background in that area will already understand your industry.

The support is fantastic and because of their knowledge in the arts it saves hours having to explain the industry and the way we do things.’ Chris Boone, client of The Arts VA.

Our VAs have more than 10 years of experience working in theatre - we appeal to businesses within the arts because of our knowledge and understanding, whereas we might not be the perfect VA for a business in finance.

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3. Personality

It’s also important to look for someone who you like and who has similar morals to you – a good VA cares about you and your business.

Think about what personality you’re looking for. If you know you’re a bit laid-back and need organising, a straight-talking VA might be best for you. Alternatively, if you’re happy with your productivity, you may just want to find someone to bounce ideas off.

Have a meeting and talk about your struggles - you’ll pick up pretty quickly if the VA is right for you. Start with a trial period and get referrals and testimonials if you can.

4. Location

In most cases, location shouldn’t be an issue when working with a VA. However, if you want someone to be around for UK office hours check when they will be available - many integrate their VA work around family life and even sometimes an employed position so you shouldn’t presume they will be available 9am - 5pm.

Also, if you’d like a face-to-face meeting or to have them on site occasionally, you need to make sure they are relatively local to you.

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5. Budget

Some VAs have a standard hourly rate that they charge all clients. They may offer ad hoc hours or packages per month. At The Arts VA we offer both, with a discounted rate if you sign up for a monthly package.

Hourly rates vary so make sure they fit into your budget. If you’re unsure what you can afford, think about how long the tasks you want to outsource take you and what you could be doing during this time instead - could you develop your business and increase your income by focusing on what you love to do? A task that takes you all day, might take a VA an hour.


Check out next week’s post when we’ll be looking at a clients journey with The Arts VA.

The Arts News

  • Ammonite are hiring! They are looking for Lighting Assistants to work across a variety of productions. If you are interested, check out the full advert on Instagram.

  • After finally opening last week, Cinderella has now extended its West End run, with tickets available until 29 May 2022.

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