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Jet Lag… 8 Travel Hacks For Business Trips

From short trips for a meeting to long production periods, frequent travel is a necessity for lots of our clients. If you have to go away a lot for work, check out our top tips for taking some of the stress out of travel.

Bag and passport

1. Overcome jet lag

When you travel to a new time zone you alter your natural circadian rhythm which can leave you suffering from insomnia and fatigue. So what can you do to reduce the effects of jet lag?

As tempting as it is to guzzle lots of tea and coffee, don’t drink caffeine too close to going to bed as it can stay elevated in your blood for six hours. Drinking lots of water before, during and after the flight will help prevent dehydration which can make jet lag worse.

Keeping active on the flight also helps - take a stretch and have a walk around the plane. If it’s nighttime at your destination, try to sleep on the plane - take an eye mask and earplugs with you to help you rest. Then, when you land, try to adapt to your new time zone as quickly as possible.

2. Make use of the time

If you’re spending hours on a flight, this could be the perfect time to do the things you don’t normally have time to do. You could spend your flight catching up on work emails or use this time to relax.

If life is hectic, a flight is the perfect excuse to pull on your eye mask and get some sleep or watch an in-flight movie. You can always ask your VA to check your emails for you while you’re travelling.

3. Book the best flights

When it comes to arranging your travel, book direct flights if you can. This prevents you wasting valuable time in the air and waiting for your connecting flight. It can also help prevent jet lag. If your VA negotiates your deals and travel arrangements for you, ask them to request direct flights where possible.

4. Invest in good luggage

When you travel a lot, good luggage is essential. You can buy cases and backpacks with USB ports for charging on the go. If you’re taking short trips, don’t take a check-in bag - this will prevent any hold-ups at baggage reclaim. By rolling up your clothes and only packing what you need, you should be able to travel light.

5. Reap the rewards

It’s worth looking at what rewards you can get when you’re travelling. Credit cards can offer lots of benefits, such as cashback, free travel insurance and air miles whenever you spend on the card. You can always ask your VA to do this research for you.

Hotel chains, such as the Hilton and Marriott have hotels all over the world and offer loyalty points for staying with them.

6. Plan ahead

Be prepared for any delays by checking the security rules at your destination. This will give you an idea of how long it will take to leave the airport.

To speed things up, wear slip-on shoes that can be easily removed and pick a line at passport control that looks like there are a lot of business travellers - they'll want to get through as quickly as you do!

7. Charge up your devices

Phones, tablets and laptops are essential tools for business travellers, so check they’re all charged up the night before you leave and pack all your chargers. It may be worth investing in a power bar so you can charge wherever you are.

Keep up to date with the latest travel information by downloading apps such as Flight Board, for tracking flights around the world, and Waze, for traffic news.

8. Embrace it

While it may be lovely visiting places all around the world, it can be very tiring and you don’t often get a lot of down time. Why not extend your trip occasionally and take some time to explore your surroundings? There have to be some perks of the job after all!

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