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Weekends… How to Stop Living for Them

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

We all do it! When life is busy at work, we mentally tick off the days until the weekend begins - but then when it finally does come, those two days pass by in a flash! So, rather than wishing our lives away, shouldn’t we try to make the most of every day and appreciate what we have? Here’s seven ways you can start living for now and not just for Friday!

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1. Change your mindset

We all know that feeling of dread you get when you wake on a Monday morning, but rather than looking to the week ahead and thinking about all the work you have to do, try to make an effort to think positively. It won’t be easy to begin with, but instead of writing off the day before it’s even begun, look for the positives in your week instead. Check out our blog on how to start your week right.

2. Prioritise me-time

Plan to do something that makes you feel good throughout the week. It could be lighting a candle at the end of the day, painting your nails, going to the gym or finally making time for your hair appointment. If you struggle to make the time, schedule it in your diary so you make sure it happens and you don’t save all the nice stuff for the weekend.

3. Make plans

You can have fun during the week too! Apart from anything, it can be impossible to fit everything into two days! Make some mid-week plans, maybe a dinner out with friends or a yoga class. Prioritising you and doing things that make you happy ensures your week isn’t all about work, work, work.

4. Get some rest

Sleeping doesn’t have to be for the weekends. You may not be able to have a long lazy lie in during the week, but you can have a bath and an early night to make sure you wake up feeling rested the next day. When you’re not tired, it can be easier to think positively.

5. Practice gratitude

If you’re feeling fed up, write down three things you’re grateful for. Then when you’re feeling a bit rubbish or having a bad day, you can open the list and be reminded of the good things in your life.

6. Take breaks

This can be tricky when you’re busy, but taking some time out during the day, whether it’s a lunch date with friends or a ten minute walk outside, will help you achieve a better work-life balance.

7. Find a hobby

This could be learning a new skill like photography or taking a dance class. It may be something you can do on an evening at home when you have some spare time or a weekly class. Finding something you are interested in and passionate about will add some excitement to your week and give you something else to think about than work.


If you’re struggling for time during the week, a VA can do the tasks you dread doing or don’t have the time, skills or knowledge to do. This can allow you to work a more structured day, do less overtime and make more social engagements during the week.

“Working with The Arts VA has allowed me to work towards a more structured day rather than doing admin after the working day is over.Rob Casey, Technical Lighting Consultant for Ammonite.
“Working with The Arts VA has easily taken 10 hours of work off my plate each week. The anxiety of 20 emails coming in overnight is overwhelming and removed just by outsourcing show reports. I can now go to choir practice! And I can stop and think, rather than just working as quickly as possible. “ Jon Lyle, Technical Video Consultant for Ammonite.

The Arts News

  • You can now listen to a special new version of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ featuring the show’s 2022 lead cast. The revamped track is produced by Cameron Mackintosh and The Really Useful Group Ltd.

  • Cabaret has extended its run at the Kit Kat Club until April 2023, with Richard Katz set to join the show from 27 June. Also joining the company will be Gabriela Benedetti and Adam Taylor.

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