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What Kind of Clients do we Work With?

Here at The Arts VA we are very fortunate to work with some really lovely and talented people and we are able to tailor the service we provide to cater to each of their needs. We’ve introduced you to some of them here, but if you missed any or want to find out what kind of support we provide, here are some of our amazing clients.

Ammonite specialise in the technical development and support of a diverse range of live entertainment. Initially, they needed general admin help but over time Charlie started working across various parts of the business. Read more about Rob and Ammonite here.

David has been with The Arts VA since it was founded in 2018 and we’ve supported him by assisting with tasks such as contracts, deals and travel arrangements. Here David explains how working with a VA has given him more time to focus on the parts of his work that he loves.

A busy technical director for Delftont Mackintosh Theatres, The Arts VA provides support in both his business and personal life. In this blog, Chris explains what a difference this help has made.

When freelancer, Lee, first started working with The Arts VA, he needed help with his deals and paperwork. Head to our blog about Lee to read about why ad-hoc hours work for him.

One of our other clients, Stefan Musch, recommended The Arts VA to Suzy when, after years of working as a wig assistant, she was given a new opportunity at work. In Suzy’s Q&A, she explains how she needed help with the administrative side of running a business.

After years of working as a performer, Tom used his knowledge and experience to start an online coaching business and The Arts VA was able to support him as he grew his business. Hear from Tom about the tasks he needed help with.

If you’re interested in reading more about the types of clients we work with, look out for more Q&As in the coming weeks.

The Arts News

  • Nica Burns has unveiled her new theatre @sohoplace. The venue will open in Autumn and features a 602-seat auditorium. The first show will be announced soon.

  • Stars including Luke Evans, Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley are among those that appear in Netflix's musical animated feature Scrooge: A Christmas Carol. The film will be released later this year.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions about working with The Arts VA, you can contact Charlie here.


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