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Meet The Arts VA Team - Part 1

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

The Arts VA team has grown over the last year and while we’ve briefly introduced you to some of us, we decided to put together a handy two-part guide explaining our areas of expertise, what we love about our jobs and how we could potentially help you.

Dawn-Louise - The start-up PA

Dawn-Louise is a PA-EA who loves organising people! She especially enjoys assisting start-ups, helping to develop and grow a new business and implementing systems that will help the company run smoothly and efficiently.

As a VA, she also has lots of experience managing clients inboxes and diaries, arranging travel, organising calls and meetings. When she’s not busy at work, she loves spending time with her family, friends and taking her puppy, Monty, for long walks around the lovely country parks in Essex. You can read more about Dawn-Louise on our website or in her blog feature here.

Jenny - The operations VA

Jenny loves a spreadsheet! If you have an established business and you need someone to come in and get your systems in order, she is the VA for you. Jenny loves organising, making lists and doing research.

In her free time, Jenny loves spending time with her little boy. She enjoys going for walks that often involve stopping at tea rooms for cake. Find out more about Jenny in our Q&A and on our website.

Gemma - The copywriter

Gemma is our copywriter. A writer with a background in women's magazines, she writes copy and builds pages for websites such as Mumsnet, as well as creating blogs and newsletters. She enjoys researching and writing copy about a wide range of topics, from everything from tips for a better night sleep to the best baby bowls and plates to buy right now! Gemma also schedules and creates content for social media.

When she’s not writing, Gemma enjoys going to the zoo with her family and going out for cocktails and dancing with her friends. Read more about Gemma in her blog and here.

Abby - The bookkeeper

A qualified and certified bookkeeper, Abby is passionate about setting up bespoke systems for organisations. She is very experienced in moving businesses from very long manual processes to much quicker, more efficient systems. She enjoys providing a high quality admin and bookkeeping service for businesses

Read all about Abby in our blog and here, including her love for travel - when she has time she explores the UK in her Campervan (Cadi), and enjoys waking up to views of the mountains of Wales.

Charlie - The deal negotiator

The Arts VA founder, Charlie works with freelancers who find negotiating their deals with producers awkward and time consuming. This is really useful if they want to distance themselves from these conversations and concentrate on the creative work they really want to be doing. Maybe they don’t know what to ask for and because of Charlie’s knowledge and experience in the industry, she is able to be a sounding board and offer advice on what they should be expecting.

After a busy week, Charlie likes to get outdoors for a walk and a coffee in her favourite coffee shop. You can get to know Charlie a bit more by heading to our website and reading her Q&A.


Don't miss next week's blog in which we'll be introducing the other half of The Arts VA Team.

The Arts News

  • The cast for the world premiere of The Notebook musical has been announced. Performances will run in Chicago from 6 September to 16 October. The cast includes Jordan Tyson, Joy Woods, and Tony Award winner Maryann Plunkett.

  • The European premiere of Dolly Parton's Smoky Mountain Christmas Carol – A New Musical will play at The Southbank Centre in December. Tickets are now on sale.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions about The Arts VA team, you can contact Charlie here. You can also read more about our team of VAs and their individual skills in these blog posts:


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