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Meet The Arts VA Team - Part 2

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

This week it's The Arts VA's 4th birthday! Charlie founded it in July 2018 with just a few special clients who we still work with today. The business has grown so much since then and here, in the second part of our meet-the-team blog, we tell you more about the rest of our talented and experienced VAs.

Three people working at a table together

Rahima - The lifestyle VA

Rahima is our lifestyle VA who likes helping clients be more organised in both their business and personal life. This includes taking care of general admin tasks, providing social media support and management, and doing research. She can support with organising events, looking for gifts, holiday research and managing diaries and calendars. Rahima is also an app-whizz and has experience with customer relations.

When she’s not organising her clients' lives, Rahima enjoys going hiking, playing tennis and having brunch with a cheeky mimosa. You can read more about Rahima on our website and our blog.

Katie - The creative VA

Katie loves scheduling and co-ordinating and when she’s not working as a VA, she can be found working as a stage manager, which gives her a great understanding of the arts industry. Our creative VA, Katie, can work with Canva, loves design work and has an artistic eye for creating 2D designs for multi-use including content for social media. Katie can also assist with tasks such as document creation, formatting spreadsheets, diary management and research.

A nature lover, Katie likes to be outside where possible, preferably near or in the ocean or, cooking and chilling out with friends and family. Read more about Katie here and in our Q&A blog.

Sarah - The marketing VA

Our newest team member, Sarah, is a VA who can assist with marketing your business. She knows a lot about customer relations management (CRM) and can help a business to grow their audience. Sarah can update and maintain a website, help with copywriting and creating content on social media and sites like Wordpress to gain more customers and awareness for the business.

In her spare time, Sarah works for her local community theatre as a voluntary marketing manager. Keep an eye on our blog as we’ll be sharing more about Sarah in the coming weeks.

Jemma - The Organiser

If life is hectic and you need someone to keep your diary in order, Jemma is the VA for you. She can arrange anything you require from meetings, rehearsal rooms, travel and accommodation, to restaurant and theatre bookings.

Jemma is highly skilled in production administration and PA support and has over nine years experience in Musical Theatre Production, across multiple departments. With a flexible and proactive approach to tasks you can be assured that her work is always handled in a confidential and professional manner.

When not working, Jemma enjoys spending time with her three year old, and catching up with friends and family over great food and good wine. Travel and visiting new places is high on her leisure list, as well as going to the theatre and watching live music performances whenever she gets chance.

The Arts News

  • This one is for all the Stranger Things fans! It’s been reported that there is a stage production based in the world of the hit TV show in the works, and it will be directed by Stephen Daldry. We’ve got our ears out for more information on this one!

  • Two new productions will take place at the RSC this autumn as part of its Mischief Festival. The first to run will be the premiere of O, Island!, and also showing is Ivy Tiller: Vicar’s Daughter, Squirrel Killer.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions about The Arts VA team or how we can help you, you can contact Charlie here. You can also read more about our team of VAs and their individual skills in these blog posts:


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