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Can A VA Work Onsite?

One of the things about VAs is that we are all different. We offer different services, knowledge and experience and can adapt our work to meet the needs of our clients, including whether we work onsite or from home.

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Can a VA work onsite?

Yes! Absolutely! While there are lots of VAs around, we are all different. This is something Charlie noticed at a recent VA business day with her coach, Amanda Johnson - all the VAs there liked to do things their own way.

For example, communication - some of us dislike voice notes and messaging apps like Slack. Some VAs love using Whatsapp to talk to clients, while others feel overwhelmed by the ping and immediate contact - see our blog about communicating with your VA.

We all market our VA businesses in slightly different ways too - not all of us have websites or social media accounts, we don’t all write blogs or newsletters. Some of us just attend face-to-face networking and rely on word of mouth to find our clients.

It’s all about finding the right virtual assistant for you. Check out our tips on how to find the perfect VA. If you need someone to work onsite, make sure you ask about it in your discovery call (in this blog we share what questions we think you should ask a VA).

Some of us have offices in our homes or we go to shared office spaces for our working day, while other VAs sit at their dining room table with a laptop, on the sofa or in a coffee shop. Most VAs are adaptable to their clients wants and preferences, however, as business owners, we also have our own preferences. A virtual assistant will have boundaries that they have put in place in the same way you will with your own business.

You need to factor in the cost implications of having a VA onsite. They may charge more for this service and will definitely charge for travel and expenses, if necessary. One of the benefits of a VA rather than a PA is in the savings you can make not paying out for office space, so this is obviously something you will need to consider (in this blog we explore the difference between a PA and VA.)

VAs have knowledge and experience working remotely and safely sharing details. We know how to nudge you without sitting next to you in the office. The only thing we can’t do is make you a cup of tea!

The Arts News

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