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Can VAs Work Together?

One of the sayings we go by at The Arts VA is ‘collaboration not competition’. That’s because we know the value in working with other VAs to allow us to offer a range of different skills. Read the 5 reasons why a team of VAs can work together to provide the support you need.

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1. Offer a range of skills

The great thing about virtual assistants is each one will offer multiple skills gained from working in different backgrounds.

For example, you might already work with a traditional VA who schedules your meetings but now you want your social media taken care of too. Most VAs (like us) already have a team in place so you will have access to virtual assistants with many different skills. (You can head to our About page to read all about our team and what they offer).

This might be beneficial if you have a business with a few elements to it or maybe you run multiple businesses that require different support.

2. More time and flexibility

When VAs work together, there is more flexibility with how much support they can offer you. If you need to increase your hours but your current lead VA doesn’t have the capacity for this, you have the opportunity to pass on that work to another assistant.

Recently, we had a client who we were providing bookkeeping services for. There was a lot of data entry as we worked through many past transactions. We bought in another VA to help with this so the lead VA could concentrate on the current and future transactions.

Another benefit to working with a team is if one VA takes a holiday, it can be covered by another assistant as they already know what you need.

3. Share ideas and knowledge

If you work by yourself, it can sometimes feel quite isolating and you have no one to discuss ideas with. Working with more than one VA will give the feeling of having a team around you and with more VAs you have more business owners/professionals to bounce ideas off.

A bigger team also means more ideas and more niches are covered, and if one VA is off sick you’re not left without any support.

4. Work to defined roles

You can give each VA defined roles. This will prevent doubling up on tasks and ensure you get the best use of your hours, while allowing each of the VAs to focus on what they do best.

A team of VAs will already have a relationship and know how to work together well, so you don’t have to worry about building up a team who don’t know each other.

5. Save you money

VAs can also collaborate with an employee - this could be a PA, administrator or an office assistant. As long as their roles are defined, this can work well.

If your employee has too many tasks and you need extra support, you can save money by outsourcing to a VA rather than hiring another employee (read more about how a VA can save you money). A VA can also cover holiday leave for you.

The Arts News

  • The award winning film La La Land is being adapted for the stage! The production will be directed by Barlett Sher and produced by Marc Platt, and is set to open on Broadway.

  • The new cast for the London run of Heathers the Musical has been announced, with Miracle Chance, OIivia Barnett-Legh, Kia Paris Walcott and Katherine Pearson set to appear on stage at the Other Palace. The new cast will begin on 21 February.

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