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What Our Clients Say About Working With a VA

If you’re interested in getting a virtual assistant but are having doubts, why not read some of the things our clients had to say about the effects of working with a VA.

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A clearer mind

The change in me has been enormous, both practically and psychologically. I would often miss important emails in the past and would continually find myself on the back foot with people, and one of the problems ADHD brings with it is procrastination; this was being doubly compounded. And when you walk around with several thousand emails on your mind, you reach a point where you never even want to open your Gmail in the morning… or ever!Jon Wakeman, Artistic Director

You can read more about how we help Jon in this blog.

More organised

It has improved my workflow, enabling me to function more like a company; making me feel more organised and on top of things, especially during busy production periods when other things need my attention. Advice from someone that is separate from productions or organisations is also really helpful.” Charlie Smith, Associate Sound Designer

Read more about Charlie here.

Less stress

Obviously, it has helped dealing with the producers, but I think they also take me a bit more seriously. It makes it less stressful, that side used to stress me out. It helps being able to discuss it with someone who knows the industry well and Charlie also chases things up for me, so I don’t have to worry about that.’ Suzy Barrett, Wig Supervisor

Suzy explains more about working with a VA in this blog.

Time to follow other passions

I have been able to plan and strategize much more than I would have before. I know the things I am good at - sometimes we feel we have to do everything ourselves, but if you want to grow your business, you have to get help. This has given me the time to focus on where I want my business to go and also discover other things I’m good at, like copywriting. That’s something I have been able to do since having a VA.’ Tom O’Brien, Theatre Director/Acting & Performance Coach

Tom explains more about how a VA has helped his business here.

Increased productivity

I’m a big believer in building effective teams where each person gets to do the things they’re best at. Charlie has helped me to raise my game and be more productive by taking tasks off my hands which she is faster and more accurate at. She’s also a great sounding board for ideas, planning and problem solving. I want to keep working with as many other people with different skills so I can keep learning and improving.” David Harris, Theatre Designer

Read more about David in this blog about working with a VA.

Tailored support

With being dyslexic, filling in forms, etc, is a nightmare so Charlie helps with my paperwork and brings all my personal files and documents together, so I can access them online. Now in my new role at Delfont Mackintosh Theatres, I send Charlie standalone admin tasks.’ Chris Boone, Technical Director

Click here to read more about how important this support has been to Chris.

Time to take on other work

It’s taken so much off our plate. It means we can take on more jobs because we know a huge portion of the workload is taken care of.’ Rob Casey, Ammonite

Read more about Rob and how his company benefited from working with The Arts VA.

Dedicated support

A big difference. When Charlie is dealing with deal negotiations, she sticks with it no matter how long it takes. She’s like a dog with a bone, she won’t let it go! I don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.’ Lee Tassie, Associate Costume Designer

Head to Lee’s blog to find out why he started working with a VA.

The Arts News

  • A new off-Broadway revival of Cats is scheduled to appear at the Perelman Performing Arts Center, which opens in September at the site of the former World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. Cats will run from June to July 2024.

  • Kerry Ellis and Denise Welch are to star in a concert production of Diana: the Musical. The concert will take place at London’s Eventim Apollo on December 4 and will be the first time it is being performed in the UK.

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