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30 Services a VA Can Do in 1 Hour

Need help with tasks that shouldn’t take up much of your time but make up a chunk of your to-do list? Here’s 30 tasks a VA can take off your hands.

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If you’re looking for a virtual assistant, you may assume you need to give them larger projects to make it worth your time and money. However, it’s very easy for your to-do list to be taken over by smaller tasks that take up a lot of your time.

Think about how much time you could save by passing them onto someone else. The big benefit of a VA is you don’t have to commit to set hours each month, you can just pay for the work they do, even if that’s just an hour or two each month. A VA is skilled in many administrative tasks so will probably be able to get it done quicker and more efficiently than you could.

Check out 30 tasks a VA can do in an hour so you have time to focus on more important work.

  1. Travel and accommodation research and booking

  2. Write a newsletter

  3. Write a blog post

  4. Upload 3 blog posts to your site

  5. Data entry

  6. Create a LinkedIn company page

  7. Create a Facebook business page

  8. Research and book a venue for your event

  9. Design an invitation for your event

  10. Formatting documents, presentations and excel spreadsheets

  11. Design a customer/client survey

  12. Create a powerpoint presentation

  13. Set up Google Workspace

  14. Create and send invoices

  15. Upload receipts to Xero

  16. Upload 3 Instagram posts

  17. SEO recommendations for your website

  18. Write a how to guide

  19. Draft responses to a producer regarding a deal offer

  20. Create a spreadsheet and type up details from all your petty cash receipts

  21. Mail merge your contacts and create address labels

  22. Set up Xero or another accounts software

  23. Research and make purchases

  24. Chase payments of invoices

  25. Create an itinerary for a business trip

  26. Prepare shipment paperwork

  27. Sift through CVs for new staff

  28. Arrange interviews for new staff

  29. A good start to inbox management

  30. Create and send purchase orders

The Arts News

  • Former actor Ciara Charteris Nunn has launched InAct Creatives, a hub for mental health, well-being and safety services in the arts, which will include a new agency and an incident-reporting system.

  • The Woman In Black is touring the UK this year after a record-setting run in the West End. After London, it will head to Wolverhampton Grand. Tickets are now on sale.

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