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Everything You Need to Know About The Arts VA

Got any burning questions about The Arts VA? Read on to find out all the important stuff about our business and team, including how we started, our clients and what we believe makes our team stand out from the rest.

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How We Started:

The Arts VA was founded by Charlie in 2018, after working for eight years as an administrator at Cameron Mackintosh Ltd. Charlie wanted to continue working in the arts industry with creative people but wanted to be home more for her family.

Three years on, The Arts VA has grown and is now a small team of VAs with over ten years of experience working in the arts industry. You can read more about our story in this blog.

Who We Support:

We provide admin support for freelancers, small businesses and larger theatre companies. We help our clients in different ways, depending on their needs - they may want to distance themselves from tricky and awkward tasks like deal negotiations and chasing payments, or they may simply need someone to bounce ideas off.

Our clients include:

Our Services:

When it comes to a VA, no admin task is too big or small. If you dread a task, don’t have the time or skill to do it and it stops you from doing the job you love, there’ll be a VA who has the experience and knowledge to do it for you.

Read our top ten tasks blog to see which jobs you can outsource today to help relieve the pressure and free up time to do the things you enjoy. Head to our services page to read more about what we can offer.

Why Us?

Our small team of VAs has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working within the arts, so we know the theatre industry and how it works.

Charlie matches clients and VAs based on their personalities, availability and experience. As well as a dedicated VA, you have access to the rest of our multiskilled team; Jenny, Katie and Dawn-Louise.

When it comes to budgets, we bill by-the-minute so you only have to pay for the work we do.

How Does it Work?

Initially, you have a discovery call with Charlie to discuss your needs and to find out if a VA is what you’re looking for. We’ll then discuss whether ad-hoc hours or set hours in advance would work best for you.

Once everyone is happy to move forward, Charlie will connect you with a VA to see if you’re a good fit. If you have any more questions about the process, we’ve compiled a helpful blog explaining the five steps to working with The Arts VA.


Do you have any more questions about The Arts VA and our team? If so, head to our contact us page. We’d love to hear from you!

The Arts News

  • The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre has announced the programme for its 90th anniversary season, starting with the new revival of Legally Blonde followed by 101 Dalmatians. Read more about the line-up here.

  • Grease is the word! The popular musical will be returning to the West End next year and will be the first new production of Grease in 29 years! Previews are set to begin on 3rd May. Keep an eye out here for casting news.

Let's talk!

If you have any any suggestions about topics you'd like us to cover in the blog, please get in touch!


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