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6 Benefits of Social Media for a Small Business

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

When it comes to running your business, posting on Instagram may not be top of your priorities but social media can be a really great way of reaching your customers, growing your brand and establishing yourself in your industry. Here are six ways social media can help your business.

Increasing your awareness

Think about how many people you know who use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every day. Over half of the world’s population use social media so it can be a really great way to let people know about your brand and what you do.

For example, on Instagram, if you want to reach more clients or customers locally you can use hashtags to allow your page to be seen by more people.

Humanise your business

Showing who you are and what you and your business stands for allows you to make real connections with current or potential clients and customers. People like to do business with someone they feel like they know and it really helps if they can relate to you in some way.

Introduce your followers to your business, your team and let them know about the work you do and how it benefits your clients and customers. This can help build trust, retain customers and drive new business.

Establishing yourself as an expert

Customers look to brands for information and social media platforms can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. The more you post about your business and the industry, the more people will look to you for information and insight, and this can help your business grow. After all, people want to work with people they trust.

Promote parts of your business

Where better to share news than on social media? This could be a blog you’ve written, a new member of the team or an extra service or product you’ve added to your business that you want to offer to your clients.

Increase website traffic

Sharing content from your blog or website on social media can help drive traffic to your website. If you engage with people on social media this can also help promote your website and get more people clicking through. Regularly posting on social media can keep your website looking fresh too and it shows that you’re actively working on your business.

Make sure to regularly link your website in your posts so people can easily find out more about you and your business.

Stay on top of industry news

By following other businesses, you can keep an eye on current news and stay informed of any changes to your industry. This helps ensure you don’t get left behind and you can keep up with other similar businesses.

The Arts News

  • Disney fans will soon be able to step into the animated worlds of films such as Encanto, Frozen and The Lion King. Disney Animation is launching a new immersive experience in cities around the world, starting in Toronto in December. Further dates and cities to be revealed.

  • The full cast for the UK premiere of Newsies has been revealed. The show will play at Troudabour Wembley Park Theatre from Thursday 8 December, with Michael Ahomka-Lindsay (as Jack Kelly) and Bronté Barbé (as Katherine Plumber) taking the lead roles.

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