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How do Habit Trackers Work?

If you want to ensure a new habit sticks, a habit tracker can help you monitor your progress and stay accountable. Here, we look at what they are and how they work.

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Whether it’s going to the gym, meditating or drinking more water, a habit tracker is an effective way of monitoring a habit. It can take time to form a new routine and see results, so a habit tracker can keep you on the right path and help you track your progress.

The main benefits of habit trackers are that they help keep you accountable and honest, and it is also really satisfying to see how far you have come. It can be a great way of helping you kickstart a new habit or keep you on track with something you’re struggling with. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, but there are different kinds of habit trackers that suit different people and lifestyles:


This is the most basic way of tracking your habit. You can simply note down or tick off days that you stuck to your routine, so you can easily see how well you’ve progressed and whether there are days you find it easier to stick to it than others. It provides a visual reminder to motivate you to keep progressing and it’s also really satisfying to see how well you’ve done.

If you use a calendar on your phone, you can set reminders on days and times you want to do your new activity or task.

A pad/notepad

You can buy desk pads, such as these, and notepads that have been designed so that all your goals are noted down in one place. Leave it on your desk so you can easily fill in sections, such as mood tracking, water intake and habit tracking to help you stay positive and productive.


Specially designed apps, such as Habitify and Streaks, are a convenient way of tracking habits. You can set different goals and how often you want to do them. Some apps also collect data from your phone, such as step count, so it automatically keeps track of your progress. A quick and simple way of ticking off your habit!

How often should you track your habits?

This is up to you. It depends on your goal and how often you engage with these habits. You can track daily, weekly or monthly but these will likely be different goals and offer different benefits.

Daily goals may be drinking more water or meditating. Weekly goals may include exercise habits that you do on different days, whereas monthly tracking will help you see how much time you spend doing certain activities or tasks. Daily or weekly tracking is great as it is instant and helps to keep you motivated.

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