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How To Survive Working From Home With A Puppy

In February, The Arts VA founder, Charlie, got a new pet, a springer spaniel called Murray. Although we’re no experts, we thought it would be useful to share what she has learnt over the last three months while working from home in case you have or are considering getting a puppy.

Dog on a lead


Like children, puppies thrive on routine. If they get used to being fed and walked at a certain time, they know what to expect each day. Murray is much happier now his routine is established. It helps Charlie schedule her working day too. Routine and habits are also useful to you when working from home (you can read more about tracking habits in this blog).

Get outdoors

Having a dog is good for you! As we discuss in our post about looking after the wellbeing of you and your business, it’s good to get outside and what better excuse than a dog!

Seeing traffic and other dogs and people is good for the mental development of your puppy. While it may be tempting to keep them safe inside, this can lead to behavioural issues. Murray is exhausted after being outdoors and happily rests afterwards while Charlie works. She had a puppy carrier which was great for going out before Murray was fully vaccinated.


As we discuss in our healthy habits blog, taking breaks is very important for you so, when possible, spend some time bonding with your puppy. This can help tire them out so they nap while you work.

Reward good behaviour with praise and treats and encourage your dog to problem solve and scent. This is fun, provides them with some much-needed mental stimulation and can be a good chance to practise training commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘lie’ - which will come in handy if you are on the phone or a video call!


It’s worth investing in some chew toys and ‘brain game’ puzzles to keep your pup occupied. This will help limit boredom and frustration so they don’t want to play too much while you’re working. We love Ruffle Snuffle, Benebone and the training treats from Butternut Box.

Crate training or settle mat

Having somewhere your puppy can rest and feel safe and secure is important, especially when you’re on a zoom call. You can’t watch your puppy all the time while you’re working so it’s helpful for them to have a crate.

Charlie found the book Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy so helpful for crate training tips and advice, such as hiding treats in their crate for them to find so they have a good association with their crate. If using a settle mat, this can come with you to cafés and pubs if you need a change of scenery when working and will always be a spot where your dog can chill out near you.

The Arts News

  • Cush Jumbo is to play Lady Macbeth opposite David Tennant’s Macbeth at the Donmar Warehouse in London. The production runs from December 8 to February 10, 2024.

  • New casting has been announced for the 70th Anniversary tour of The Mousetrap, including Todd Carty who has reprised his role as Major Metcalf and Catherine Shipton who will join the cast as Mrs. Boyle.

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