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Personal… How a Lifestyle VA Can Help You

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

There’s a huge range of VAs who support people and their businesses in different ways. If work is busy and you struggle to keep on top of your personal/home-based stuff, here are some tasks a Lifestyle VA can help with.

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Event organisation

Got a party that needs organising but you don’t have the time to search for venues or suppliers? A Lifestyle VA can take all of the stress out of it for you and take over the research, booking and arrangements. This could be anything from a children’s party or a baby shower to a big birthday bash.

Buying gifts

If you need to find the perfect gift for someone in your life, a Lifestyle VA can come up with ideas, source and order the gift, and arrange for delivery. They can also set reminders for birthdays and occasions so you never miss an important date.


When work is busy, researching and booking a holiday can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Hand over these tasks to your Lifestyle VA and they can research destinations, provide you with a list of ideas for you to choose from and then book flights, hotels and transport. They can also assist with passport and visa applications, and travel insurance. All you need to do is pack your bags and put your out of office on!


You can outsource anything you don’t have the time for or don’t want to do, this could include researching a personal trainer, a new pet-groomer or walker, looking for a nice restaurant or finding a new sofa for your house!

Moving house is stressful but if you have a Lifestyle VA, they can also assist by researching new areas, liaising with utility providers and arranging removals.


If you’re struggling to juggle your work and personal life, even the smallest jobs like booking a restaurant for dinner can get missed. Whether it’s booking a meal, tickets for an event like the theatre or a concert, or booking a family day out, these are all tasks a Lifestyle VA can do for you so you can get a better work-life balance.

Household jobs

While a VA may not be able to clean your home for you (although they could find a cleaner for you), they can help out with looking for car and house insurance, booking your car in for an MOT and service, and finding new energy suppliers.


A Lifestyle VA can do anything that requires research, shopping, booking, even selling. If you have some old things to get rid of, such as clothes, toys or gadgets, they can write an advert on an online selling site, such as eBay, for you.

With me being dyslexic, filling in forms, etc, is a nightmare so Charlie helps with my paperwork and brings all my personal files and documents together, so I can access them online.” Chris Boone, Delfont Mackintosh Theatres

The Arts News

  • Disney’s The Lion King is looking for a Deputy Head of Lighting. The successful applicant will join the backstage team at the Lyceum Theatre. The closing date is 29 April 2022.

  • This spring, three productions from the Shakespeare’s Globe will be aired on TV. Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Duchess of Malfi will be broadcast on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer. Transmission dates to be announced.

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