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25 Outsourcing Tips From Our Team

Whether you’re thinking about outsourcing some work or want some advice about how to work well with your VA, we’ve compiled a list of our best tips to make the handover as smooth as possible.

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The Arts VA is a team of virtual assistants that has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to outsourcing (you can read about us here).

Charlie and the team have come together to create a guide to outsourcing for our clients and potential future clients. These are our tips for outsourcing, getting ready to work with a VA and getting the most out of your VA:

  1. Communicate internally - if you have an in-house team, let them know you’re working with a VA and introduce them so they know to expect to hear from them.

  2. Increase duties gradually.

  3. Sort tasks by order of importance.

  4. Be specific and detailed with the tasks you assign.

  5. Do your research and find the right VA for you - you can read our blog about this.

  6. Be honest with your VA.

  7. Create a clear job description.

  8. Consider using tools to communicate with your VA, such as Slack or Asana.

  9. Project management tools can be key to handing over tasks. Asana and Todoist are two that we use.

  10. Write down your processes and procedures - this will help your VA understand how your business operates.

  11. Set realistic expectations for how much work your VA can manage and the handover process.

  12. Encourage collaboration with your VA and the rest of your team.

  13. Trust your VA.

  14. Give clear instructions to them about what you want to achieve.

  15. Inform your VA of your priorities.

  16. Also tell them your goals.

  17. Don’t micromanage your VA.

  18. Set deadlines for work so you both know what’s expected.

  19. Don’t ignore your VA! Communication and regular contact is key.

  20. Have a plan for access to your systems.

  21. Dedicate time for feedback and chatting to your VA.

  22. Have a diverse set of tasks - recurring and long-term projects - to fill the hours and maximise the value of your VA.

  23. Ask for business advice - your VA is also a business owner! Why not read our blog about some of the benefits of working with a VA.

  24. Respect your VA’s boundaries.

  25. Ensure your VA knows your working hours and you know theirs.

The Arts News

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  • Guildhall School of Music and Drama has introduced Guildhall Young Artists (GYA), six centres dedicated training in performance and production for children and young people across England.

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If you want to know more about the team or how you can work with The Arts VA, you can contact Charlie here. You can also read more about how to work with a VA in these other blogs:

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