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Services a VA Can do in 10 Hours

Following on from our blog about the services a VA can do in an hour, we’re sharing some ideas about what a virtual assistant can do if you choose a 10 hour retainer each month.

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What does ten hours a month get you?

The Arts VA offers ad-hoc services and retainers like most VAs. We offer a reduced rate for packages starting from 10 hours per month (head to our pricing page to find out about our other packages).

10 hours gets you a dedicated VA every month - this equates to approximately 30 mins per day, 2-3 hours per week. This is our most popular package for busy freelancers and small business owners who need a small amount of regular monthly support.

Here are a few ideas about what a VA can do with this time:

Inbox support

A VA can be a second set of eyes on your inbox. In 10 hours, a VA can keep on top of a busy inbox, logging in for approximately 30 mins a day to flag important emails and file away those that don’t need action.

If your inbox is in a bad state with lots of unread emails you may need an inbox detox or you may need Google Workspace set up from scratch. If you don’t have folders and labels set up or you need a system in place where emails that need action are linked to a to-do list or tasks, such as in Asana or a similar project management software, a VA could set all this up for you in within a 10 hour package.

Calendar management

Alternatively, 10 hours a month could enable a VA to manage your calendar, schedule meetings and deal with any clashes. This could involve them sending you your schedule at the end of every day.

Social media

A VA could use the ten hours to manage various social media platforms. This may involve using software like Later to schedule daily posts to go out over all platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Arts News

  • Penelope Wilton and Luke Evans will star in a new comedy, Backstairs Billy, written by Marcelo Dos Santos. The piece will play at the Duke of York Theatre from 27 October to 27 January.

  • Complete casting has been revealed for the new tour of Everybody's Talking About Jamie. Ivano Turco takes the title role, joined by Rebecca McKinnis, Shobna Gulati and Talia Palamathanan. Strictly's Kevin Clifton and Giovanna Fletcher will also be amongst the cast.

Get in touch!

If you want to find out how you could work with The Arts VA, you can contact Charlie here. You can also read more about the services a VA can help you with in these blogs:


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